Been enjoying all things Tiki lately. Decided to finally see if I could make something using my art style…. Thoughts?

Getting one of my prints all flattened so I can mount and frame it for a juried art show!

Amethyst is out! Grab the wallpapers at my site, link is on my profile.

Artwork for @varienofficial’s latest single. AMETHYST.

Artwork created for Electronobody’s EP Nation of Cyborgs.

Saturday Photoshop session. Making dat $$$.

GUYS! My very first limited edition giclée art print. :D
Available exclusively at @curioos —

Cover art done for Seamless’ debut on @fixtmusic. Momentum EP is out now.

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George Smith X @justinmaller. Run Your Jewels. #tbt

Saturday night Photoshop working.

1 of 5 pieces commissioned by ESPN The Magazine back in 2008. They didn’t end up using what I made but they did pay well. ;)

I just posted “Nocturnal”

George Smith (United States) via Curioos

I just posted “Finale”

George Smith (United States) via Curioos

1 of 2 new music releases out today designed by me. Diversa - Beautiful Girl, Wild Hair on @subterrarecords. This album has some really nice ambient/dnb/glitch hop tracks. Highly recommended!

New artwork for DIVERSA, featuring the beautiful @allygatorz. The LP comes out next week on @subterrarecords.